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A Revolutionary New Model

With over 22 years’ experience, Rise2Care's parent company Northwest Enforcement (NEI) is a seasoned provider of traditional security. 2018 brought something new for NEI: a one-of-a-kind outreach program that advocates for and connects businesses, residents, and houseless neighbors to ensure prosperity and safety for all.

In the years that followed, our outreach teams learned that the presence of the word “enforcement” in the NEI name, badge, and logo presented a hurdle to their goal of building the trusting relationships that make them so effective. To address this unique challenge, we launched Rise2Care in early 2022, complete with a new logo and uniforms, to manage outreach work.

Where NEI was born out of founders Chad and Karen’s passion for keeping people safe and secure, Rise2Care expounds upon that to add an element of compassion to the process. Rise2Care serves the same local communities that NEI always has, but in new ways.

Learn more about Northwest Enforcement at nwenforcement.com.

Mission Statement:

We invest in our communities by sharing abundance, listening, empathizing and offering focused, informed solutions.

Core Values:

Compassion First

Agile & Accountable

Relationship Focused

Empowered Empathy

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About Our Brand

We offer community-focused care and safety services that are genuinely compassionate and responsive to the needs of houseless, residents and owners. We have a history of being ready and responsive whenever and wherever there is need (resident, business, houseless, client). Our teams work tirelessly and respectfully on outreach and outcomes, based on trauma-informed principles.

We work strategically with community groups and local governments partners to support transformational change.

Our Work Is:


personal contact leads to trusting relationships while consistent engagement means we are there to help when someone is ready to make a change. Care and Safety Teams maintain personal contact to advocate for people throughout the entire process, rather than handing anyone off to other agencies.

Outcomes-driven and measurable:

daily work is tied directly to the requests of businesses and houseless and our proprietary SRT software enables us to measure interactions and successes.


as a totally invested, local team, we are able to quickly pivot to meet new and unique community needs, always trying new methods to get the best results.

Ready To Connect With Us?

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