At Rise2Care we believe in equipping our teams with the training they need to provide compassionate, responsive service to our communities.

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Why We're Different

Our Care and Safety Teams receive the highest level of training to assist them as they daily interact with houseless neighbors and the communities they serve. Addressing topics like addiction, trust-building and emotional first aid, this training helps them to work ethically and efficiently using trauma-informed methods that keep everyone safe and well cared for.


Addiction is a serious problem that plagues communities of all kinds. When our team members can understand the struggles of addiction, they are better equipped to interact with and support those who struggle with it.

Cultural Diversity

This interactive course teaches our team members positive, proactive tools that allow them to effectively and responsibly understand and navigate the rich cultures of the diverse communities in which they live and work.

Building Trust

Trust is the foundation of all communication and is particularly important in the outreach work our teams perform every day. This course teaches team members how to quickly and expertly establish common ground to build trust.

American Sign Language

This course teaches our teams the basics of American Sign Language so they can communicate with the diverse populations they serve, which includes those who speak or sign foreign languages, including the deaf or hard of hearing.


Prejudice and bias can often be symptoms of ignorance. Rise2Care does its part to make our communities safe spaces for all by providing this training so our team members understand the beauty and benefits of diversity.

Emotional First Aid

Rise2Care teaches our teams how to recognize and understand the emotional wounds resulting from psychological traumas that affect how we view our world so they can understand the actions and experiences of the people they serve.

First Aid / CPR / AED

Knowledge of First Aid, CPR and how to operate an Automatic Electronic Defibrillator (AED) can be the difference between life and death. Team members learn these lifesaving skills so they can fully protect the communities they serve.

Trauma Informed Care

Most people have experienced some sort of trauma in their past and have triggers that can result in dangerous behavior. This course gives Rise2Care team members tools to build rapport, assess situations and respond with kindness and respect.

Mental Health First Aid

This class prepares our teams to assist with various mental health emergencies, a critical skillset for outreach teams that are constantly interacting with community members and houseless individuals of diverse backgrounds.

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