At Rise2Care, we invest in our communities by sharing abundance, listening, empathizing, and offering focused, informed solutions.

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Our Care Team focuses on building and maintaining trusting relationships with the houseless community. These relationships, built on shared experiences of lived houselessness, allow our Care Team members to address individual barriers that typically prevent people from accessing available safety net resources.

The team is led by a Care Coordinator with a degree in Psychology and over 10 years’ experience counseling and providing outreach services to populations and currently has four members. Our team’s approach, focused on fostering connection to and utilization of mental/physical healthcare and housing resources, is successful because we connect all the dots.  Our ambassadors act as personal advocates helping folks navigate a complex web of resources, leading to positive, life-improving outcomes.

By showing up every day to consistently address core issues, our teams have been able to make a lasting impact for the houseless and district. This proactive outreach is what we believe makes our team uniquely effective, as it addresses what other similar programs lack.

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Our Safety Team operates in conjunction with the Care Team, helping coordinate care appointments or aid items and ensuring follow-through on activities. The Safety Team spends most of their time performing proactive presence patrols and interacting with businesses, developing and maintaining trusting relationships.  They act as liaisons to ensure positive outcomes by considering the needs of both businesses and houseless neighbors alike.

The Safety Team responds to tasks requested by businesses, such as chaperones, houseless camp or mental health wellness checks, among many others. The Safety Team’s work bridges gaps between business owners, their clients, residents, and houseless communities.

Throughout the program, our team has been able to proactively address and successfully de-escalate hundreds of situations that would otherwise require police response.

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